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Chinese hedge funds accelerate capital raising

Chinese Hedge funds add $200 billion, trouncing Wall Street rivals. On the back of accelerated growth following the easing of pandemic restrictions, Chinese hedge funds have shown average returns of 30% in the past year. The figure more than doubles the world average. According to data provided by PaiPaiWang, funds allocated in diverse asset class groups, have shown 41% average returns for the same period, this figure is 10% globally. The best performing Chinese hedge fund, by absolute return, has been Jianhong Absolute with 831% for 2020. Quantitative hedge funds have become very popular, and this trend is only growing, says Qiu Huiming, founder of Shanghai Minghong Investment – the largest quantitative hedge fund in China. Who’s managed to double its AUM during 2020. Looser regulation around hedge funds will be met with higher competition in China. It is exactly for this environment that Chinese hedge funds are preparing for. Source : Bloomberg #investing #china #growth #hedgefunds #finance #quant #fintech #diversification #2020review #returns #data

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