CTAs finish 2020 strong

The middle of 2020 was rough for many #CTA’s. Their average performance fell due to an unanticipated V-shaped recovery in the second quarter, despite glooming trends and eye-watering indicators. However, during the last quarter of 2020, and an exceptional month of #December, many CTA’s managed to pull back their returns. Overall, CTA’s have proven themselves to be resilient in 2020 and were able to adapt quickly to tricky market conditions, with an #active management style. Tom Wrobel, director of alternative investment consulting at Société Générale noted how some CTAs have delivered performance “on the downside and the upside.” “It was fantastic to see CTAs record strong #performance in a month when #Covid vaccine news, and the resolution of US political uncertainty, buoyed many markets to record levels,” said Wrobel. Results of 2020 will certainly influence institutional investors positions in the foreseeable future. We’re already seeing record inflows into more actively managed investing #strategies. Source: Hedgeweek #investing #management #future #commoditytrading #market #financialmarkets #investors #activeliquiditymanagement


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