arty will launch a FREE TRIAL account on Tuesday 3rd August

Good news! arty is opening up the AI-designed portfolios for all to see and launching a FREE trial account. We strongly believe in the value of arty’s investment approach and now we want everyone to see what arty can do and how it might work for you.

arty is a web-based application that uses data-driven analysis to construct investment portfolios of diversified ETFs. arty uses cutting-edge technology, such as machine learning, to constantly improve the quality of the portfolios and select the weights of each instrument. There is a wealth of information available in arty’s blog.

AI decision making and strategic diversification offer portfolios with lower risk and higher expected returns than are commonly available elsewhere. arty offers 5 different portfolios according to the risk tolerance of the investor. If you already have some stocks in your portfolio, arty will build a diversified portfolio around them to help you balance out your risk.

From Tuesday 3rd August you will be able to access the cabinet and see one of arty’s current portfolios for free.

So what is arty’s FREE TRIAL account?

arty’s objective is to maximise your return for your chosen level of risk. Opening a free trial account will grant you access to the cabinet where you will see arty’s current portfolio for each level of risk. You will then be able to track the performance of these portfolios over time. However, please note that as a free user you will not be able to see any changes arty makes to the portfolio. arty trades once per month to rebalance the portfolio, to see the next set of trades you will need to upgrade to an Essential account (EUR 25 / month).

Once inside the cabinet you will see these three screens:


The dashboard provides you with an overview of your current portfolio. You will find the total value of your portfolio and available cash (remaining after investment).

The dashboard also contains the current allocation split by asset class as well as the track record of your portfolio. The model performance of each of arty’s 5 portfolios is also shown. The earlier results are calculated via backtesting while the most recent results are calculated from live trading.

Portfolio Information

This tab shows the list of instruments in arty’s portfolio, along with the number of shares, allocation percentage and ISIN for each. These instruments are mostly ETFs, chosen for their risk-reducing, diversification effect and their upside price potential.

When you first log in the list will show in the Current Month tab. After the next monthly rebalancing the list will move to the Previous Month tab and a new list will appear in Current Month with the changes between the two in the ‘arty’s trades’ tab. As a free user you will need to upgrade to see the new portfolio.

If you would like to invest in arty’s portfolio you can copy the trades via your own, personal broking account. The Growth portfolio is also available to invest in as a ready-made investment product. Soon arty’s portfolios will be live on several broker platforms which you will be able to copy with a single click.

***remember, arty calculates the ideal percentage allocation for each instrument. The exact number of shares depends on the size of your portfolio and the market prices when you come to execute the trades. To update the number of shares calculated using the latest market prices click the ‘Update number of shares’ button.

Update information

This tab allows you to make changes such as increasing the amount of cash you have available. You can also take the risk tolerance quiz here which recommends the ideal portfolio for you. There is also the functionality to update your own personal shares here which arty will take into consideration when designing the rest of your portfolio (this is for Tailored account types only – EUR 50 / month).

We care about your feedback. If you have any questions or suggestions for arty please let us know.

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arty ETF portfolios are based on AI