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Use of robots is growing in financial services

In the new world of Artificial Intelligence, robots are quickly replacing humans at quantitative and high accuracy tasks. This phenomenon is included in the latest development of the financial services industry, notably in Hedge funds and Quantitive Managers. Risk management is a key task assigned to Asset Managers. Understandably a single person can not check 40 000 transactions a day (and more workers are costly). This is where robots come in. At Quant Infinity the deals made by robots are checked by other robots. In less than 50 microseconds the orders are checked according to 17 different risk parameters. These include: – The deviation of limit orders from market prices. – Limits on instruments and asset group over-exposure. – Other proprietary parameters. The checks are made with InfoReach and counterparty risk is limited by constant comparisons and monitoring. All transactions at Quant Infinity undergo 2 independant controls, thereby reducing risk across the board. #riskmanagement #artificialintelligence #hedgefunds #robots #financialservices #allocation #diversification #investments #innovation

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