Quant Infinity launches arty – a brand new artificial intelligence portfolio advisor

Zurich, Switzerland: June 01, 2021

Today, Quant Infinity Solutions AG, a leading Switzerland-based quantitative FinTech company, has launched arty – a web-based artificial intelligence portfolio advisor. arty will show investors of any size how to create professional, reliable investment portfolios. The technology uses Quant Infinity’s sophisticated systems and research, usually only available for professional investors and institutions.

With more pressure than ever on young people to save for retirement and bank rates at all-time lows, arty offers everyday savers access to personalized, AI-powered investment portfolios, helping them achieve consistent, stable investment returns.

Unlike other providers, arty is advice-only. Customers will not need to open an additional brokerage account with hidden fees. On top of that, customers will maintain control of their investments with the ability to opt-out of any specific trade if they so choose.

Millions of people turn to the stock market to invest their savings in preparation for retirement or large purchases. However, the evidence suggests that small scale investors tend to underperform the market or even lose money. Not to mention the time and effort to analyse and select a stock and the anguish of deciding what to do if things go wrong.

arty uses established principles, optimized via AI, to recommend the ideal portfolio for each investor, and continuously update that portfolio as market conditions change. Data-driven AI decision making and strategic diversification offer investors lower risk portfolios and greater expected returns than they are likely to achieve independently. The technology is also smart enough to take an investor’s existing stocks into account and build an optimised portfolio around them.

Free trials will be available during June 2021. Following that, customers will be charged a flat monthly fee according to their chosen service: Essential / Tailored / Professional.

We hope to offer the benefits of professional quality AI investment advice to everyday investors through arty, rather than only the largest clients. Since the 1980s, Artificial Intelligence has become the gold standard for managing portfolios, delivering better returns and lower risk than could be expected from a human manager.

Now we are democratising this technology and giving all investors the chance to access personalised, data-driven advice. We hope that investors see this as an alternative to risky stock-picking and a way to achieve sustained, long-term returns for their money.said Fabrice Tischhauser, CEO Quant Infinity Solutions AG.

To facilitate this advice, Quant Infinity has developed a web application that allows customers to interact directly with arty and tailor their advice to their personal preferences. arty offers a ready-to-implement solution, allowing users to select their current investments from a universe of 4,000 individual stocks and then receive the perfect blend of ETFs to balance out the portfolio.

arty delivers:

  • low correlation approach to portfolio construction
  • monthly rebalancing
  • risk-tolerance tailoring
  • incorporation of existing stocks
  • access to actively managed, systematic ART fund
  • reliable returns with low risk.

We are also delighted to offer investors, with funds starting from CHF 200k, a human touch. In this case, arty will team up with our expert financial advisors to provide personalised advice. – said Fabrice Tischhauser, CEO Quant Infinity Solutions AG.

About arty

arty is an artificial intelligence Investment Advisor designed to help you to achieve higher investment returns. arty recognises the challenges everyday investors face. To address these, Quant Infinity has developed a web application that allows customers to access professional, real-time, personalised investment advice.

Headquartered in Zurich, arty can advise you on structuring your personal portfolio or investing directly into one of arty’s own managed funds. For clients with liquid assets over CHF 200k, arty will team up with our human advisors to offer a broader personalised range of services.

arty is owned by Quant Infinity Solutions AG, a PolyReg Member.

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