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up to 30% per year

arty is an investment robo-advisor that was created by Quant Infinity Solutions AG, one of the 100 most innovative firms in the world (2021) developing AI solutions for financial services.

Through arty retail investors can access the same high-level robo-advisors used by hedge funds, which were previously unavailable to the broader public, and without paying performance fees!

Start copying arty portfolios in 2022!

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    How much can I earn with arty?

    Choose from one of our five current portfolios, which have generated annualised returns up to 30% since their launch in 2016.

    Monthly asset weightings allow arty to dial up the returns or dial down the risk

    In January 2016 I invested…


    Today I have



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      STEP TWO

      Login to dashboard & Select one of our ETF portfolios

      What is an ETF?

      An exchange traded fund (ETF) is a type of security that tracks an index, sector, commodity, or other asset. Once you register, we will send you the list of ETF brokers, where you can copy trade our portfolio. But which can be purchased or sold on a stock exchange the same way a regular stock can (investopedia).


      Download the portfolio of your choice

      Your portfolio of your choice based on your risk profile and copy the portfolio on your own account with your preferred broker.

      STEP four

      Get notified on a monthly basis on how to rebalance your portfolio

      (What shares to sell or buy) so that you keep copying your favourite arty portfolio. Remember that you can always purchase our arty500 plan where you can have our team do all the work for you. See more information below under plans.

      Subscription plans


      $ 0 / month
      • First Portfolio Free
      • One Month Trading Activity
      • Performance Dashboard
      No credit card required
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      $ 25 / month
      • Monthly Rebalancing
        (follow our instructions)
      • Performance Dashboard
      • Trade With Your Own ETF Broker
      You can cancel anytime
      Get arty25


      $ 500 / year
      • Auto Rebalancing (done by us)
      • Performance Dashboard
      • No Trading Fees
      • No Rebalancing Fees
      • No Performance Fees
      With all our plans, you have full access to your own account and money. We are not a broker, and therefore we do not take any investments.
      With arty25 you have the option to trade our portfolio with your preferred broker and pay any additional fees that might apply
      With arty500, we will invite you to open an account under our Master Account, where we will be happy to cover the rebalancing fees of your arty portfolio.

      No guesswork – arty’s advice is based on years of data-driven research & AI technology

      Better returns than a bank,
      Less risk of loss than picking stocks

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