Frequently Asked Questions

What is arty?
arty is an artificial intelligence Investment Advisor designed to help you achieve higher investment returns. arty can advise you on how to structure your personal portfolio, or you can invest directly into one of arty’s own managed funds. For clients with liquid assets over CHF 200k, arty will team up with our human advisors to offer a wider range of services, including tax advice, retirement planning, etc.
Why should I get money management advice from arty?
arty offers access to the sophisticated systems and research of a quantitative hedge fund. arty was built by a team of talented developers using the latest AI technology and machine learning techniques. As a result, arty’s portfolios have outperformed all other Robo-advisors listed in the top 40, generating better returns with lower risk. arty is also advice only, meaning you are not required to open a new brokerage account (thereby saving time and fees) but can simply execute the trades through your existing broker. Finally, arty has access to the ART funds–quantitative investment funds which add diversification and increased returns to your portfolio. Access to this type of investment is unique among Robo-advisors.
Is my portfolio customizable?
Your portfolio will be created for you based on your answers to the risk tolerance questions and the amount of cash you have available. You can edit this shareholding at any time and re-run the calculations.
What exactly will I receive from arty?
Your portfolio will be created for you based on your answers to the risk tolerance questions and the amount of cash you have available. You can edit this shareholding at any time and re-run the calculations.
Why is there a small allocation to an ART fund?
The ART funds are arty’s own managed investment funds. arty generates a return on investment by identifying short-term trends in world futures markets and investing accordingly. These funds are a great addition to a more traditional portfolio, they have relatively low volatility and very low correlation with stocks or bonds. As a result, they help to increase diversification and boost returns.
Is the service available via a web portal or mobile app?
So far, arty is available via a web browser.
Who can open an arty account?
In order to open an arty account, you must be a resident of Switzerland, aged 18 or over
What do I need to do to start using arty?
Please, follow the 2 simple steps below:
Step 1: Register under the link: ….
Step 2: Answer our questionnaire and fill in your new account details
Step 3: Receive our recommendations and execute them through your broker
Where do I access the recommendations?
The recommendations will be visible in your private account in the user interface. You will be requested to set up a username and password in order to view the information and to keep your personal data protected.
How often will I get portfolio recommendations?
You will receive your recommended portfolio the first time you log into your account. The portfolio will be rebalanced at the beginning of each month and you will receive the latest allocations and trading instructions. After receiving your monthly email notification, you can login to your portfolio and submit information that will enable you to download portfolio rebalancing instructions. For Tailored and Pro customers, you can also initiate a new rebalancing by indicating a change to your personal shareholdings.
What is your investment philosophy?
We are making AI investment technology available to everyday investors. AI is proven to offer superior solutions to the portfolio optimization problem compared with human advisors, simply because it can run through infinitely more calculations across a much wider universe of potential investments. This computing power and ability to adapt means that arty can deliver clients the ideal securities and allocations to maximize returns for a given level of volatility.
Who makes the decision?
arty is entirely independent with no human interference (although there is plenty of human oversight in case of any issues). arty will offer you detailed portfolio recommendations with instructions on how to implement them. The execution is entirely down to you.
Is my information secure?
At arty we take the security of financial and personal information very seriously. When you use investment services online, you want to make sure that your provider complies with the highest standards of protection. At arty we have the highest level of SSL encryption (notice the URL starts “HTTPS”) and follow industry best practices. arty uses RSA 2048 bit for certificates and supports the strongest encryption suites available. Any data you provide us is encrypted and stored in data centers that meet security best practices.
To find out more, please visit our Security Page:
How do you use my personal information?
arty uses your personal information in order to provide the best possible service to you. We do not share your personal information with third parties so that they might market their services to you.
How do I cancel my arty subscription?
You can cancel your subscription to arty25 at any time, and you will not be billed from the next month onwards. To cancel your arty500 plan – please contact our team for further information
What if I do not have a portfolio? Can I start from scratch?
Certainly, the Standard account membership will give you a pre-made portfolio designed to reflect your personal risk tolerance. This portfolio is updated monthly to maximize expected returns