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The arty (q) ETF portfolios aim for long-term growth

Developed by an award-winning fintech firm

arty (q) are a series of 5 quant-based ETF portfolios that have a successful track record since 2016. They have been developed by professional quants using AI and you can access them for free.

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    Investment portfolios powered by Artificial Intelligence

    slide2-team-iconThis technology was previously only available to millionaires through hedge funds and high entrance fees, but today it’s open to regular investors as well.

    slide2-brain-iconAI technology developed by arty can create optimal portfolios with high Sharpe ratios. For investors, this means a better risk-adjusted return.

    slide2-chart-iconOur portfolios and monthly rebalancing methodology have been developed to provide stable returns and increased performance over the long term.

    The arty (q) ‘Opportunities’ portfolio performance since 2016 – 136.16% return since inception

    Past performance does not guarantee future returns

    Gain access now for FREE and view all ETF portfolios 

      Access arty dashboard

      Access arty dashboard

      Sign up for Free and gain access to all ETF portfolios and the arty dashboard

      Select portfolio

      Select portfolio

      Check performance and risk levels and select an ETF portfolio

      Copy portfolio

      Copy portfolio

      View portfolio holdings and weights and copy with your broker

      Access your arty dashboard daily to view portfolio performance and get monthly rebalancing portfolio instructions so that you know which ETFs to buy and which to sell.

      Expert-built ETF portfolios that reduce the complexity of individual stock picking

      Once you create a free account, you will have access to all of the details of each portfolio, allowing you to determine which one is the best fit for you.

      Gain access now for FREE and view all ETF portfolios 

        WHY ETFs?

        Global ETFs broke the psychologically significant $10trn assets under management (AUM) mark in 2021. ETFs are becoming the smartest option for an investor looking for long-term returns. ETF investing is a great way to build a low-cost passive investment portfolio


        An ETF is a type of investment that consists of a collection of securities such as stocks, bonds, commodities and other assets.


        ETFs are considered an ideal, minimal-risk asset for individual investors who want to reduce volatility when building their investment portfolios.


        ETFs publish their holdings on a regular basis, allowing investors to understand risks better. Investors know exactly which securities their fund is holding.

        Who developed arty

        arty was developed by Quant Infinity Solutions AG, a Swiss-based fintech company that was recognised in 2021 by Fintech Global as one of the 100 most innovative firms in the world, developing solutions for the finance industry with the use of AI.

        Industry leaders
        Top AI-100 FinTech Award, 2021, 2022

        The research team of Quant Infinity Solutions is made up of PhD-level quantitative analysts who have, between them, written thousands of individual algorithms.

        Through arty, Quant Infinity Solutions offers clients sophisticated quant driven solutions that, until now, have only been accessible to institutional clients.

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